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15 Dec, 2022

How to Create the Perfect Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

More and more companies support their leads throughout the customer journey with an omni channel marketing strategy. As the purchase journey can begin or end anytime, anywhere, on any device, companies increasingly need to provide a seamless user experience across all channels.

So how do you define multichannel and create a good omni channel marketing strategy? Let’s find out together.

Omni Channel Marketing Definition

“Omni Channel” refers to the concept of providing a seamless user experience across all channels involved in the buyer’s journey. This term highlights a change in the way people move through the marketing funnel.

What is Omni Channel Marketing?

In omni channel marketing, the customer is placed at the centre to ensure a consistent and seamless experience across multiple devices and marketing channels. What was once a one- or two-door shop is now a journey spanning multiple days, times, places, and channels. And these channels are not purely technological. This could be a newspaper, magazine, or mailing list. It could be a storefront, word of mouth, or outbound advertising like billboards.

Get Started With Omni Channel Marketing

Are you making plans to create an omni channel advertising strategy? Here are some matters you may want to get started on:

  • An emphasis on context

What types of content are your customers using and when? Do your eBooks resonate with them? Do your free tools help you convert customers better? At what point in the buyer’s journey do they find them most valuable? Are they optimized for the device they are used on? If you’re an omni channel seller, do you make recommendations to potential customers based on their browsing history? What about their position? Are you trying to up sell and cross-sell them with other offers? Are you emailing abandoned cart feedback that is viewable on a multitude of devices? These are just a few examples of some of the questions you’ll need to answer about your ideal buyer.

To get them, you will need.

  • In-Depth Customer Knowledge

To deliver truly valuable omni channel experiences, you need to understand your customers well. You have to understand who they are and where they come from. You need to know their goals and challenges. Invite customers to provide feedback, use social listening tools, and leverage the power of lead-engaging landing pages to learn more about them. More importantly, what channels are they using to access your content? Use these as a reference, but keep in mind that they can vary depending on your company’s audience and buyers.

  • Inter-Departmental Coordination and Agility

Traditional role restructuring can delegate responsibility for the customer experience to more than one or two departments, allowing each team to understand how they fit into the omni channel puzzle relative to the others.  In turn, this sets clear expectations that can streamline team communication.

Is Omni Channel Marketing worth it?

Now that you know the definition of omni channel marketing, the benefits of an omni channel strategy, and the effort it takes to execute well, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth it, and the answer is yes.

The more channels you use, the more valuable they become. Have you started creating an omni channel approach? Are you reviewing? What are your organization’s challenges on the path to seamless multi-channel coordination? Regardless of the challenges you face, make sure that every customer touch point informs the prospect and moves them through your funnel. Arrive, do it efficiently, and create a unique, personalized landing page for each touch point.

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